The Australian Labradoodle

The Australian Labradoodle is known for its fun loving intelligent personality , great with people and other dogs. Some breeds bond with one person but labradoodles want to be everyone’s friend.
The information provided below is courtesy of the Australian Labradoodle Association and can also be found on their website. (

Labradoodle Sizes

    Standard Height 53-63 cms / 21-24 inches Weight: 23-30 kgs /50-65 lbs
    Medium Height: 43-52cms /17-20 inches Weight: 13kgs-20kgs /30-64lbs
    Minature Height: 35-42cms /14-16 inches Weight:7-13kgs /15-25lbs

The Labradoddle Coat Type

There are 2 coat types that are considered allergy friendly non shedding: the fleece and the wool coat.
The Fleece Coat. This comes as a wavy or curly fleece and they are both soft in texture and is an easy coat to manage. The Wool Coat This has a lambswool feel and can be mild to very curly. Its appearance is spiraling wool that opens easily to the skin
The Hair Coat. This can be short and wiry to a longer coat The hair has an odor and sheds in varying degrees. These coats are usually seen in early generation dogs.

Labradoodle Coat Colours

White/Chalk. These dogs have black or rose pigment noses. Dogs with a brown/rose nose are sometimes referred to as Caramel Ice.
Cream. They are a creamy apricot/gold tinted coat and there are many shades. The nose pigment is black or rose. Cream dogs with a brown/rose nose are sometimes referred to as Caramel Cream.
Gold. Sometimes referred to as apricot, like the colour of the inside of a ripe apricot. Yum………It varies in shades to a rich gold. This colour may fade as the dog ages. The nose pigment is black.
Caramel. Ranges from rich gold to deep red with even colour over the entire body. Nose pigment is rose.
Red. These dogs are a solid rich red colour with the colour the same from root to outer coat. Reds can fade with aging. The nose pigment is black and is a rare colour group.
Black. is solid without a sprinkling of any other colour through the coat. Nose pigment is black.
Chocolate. Is dark and rich in colour and their nose pigment matches their coat.
Cafe. Is milk chocolate to silver beige in colour with nose pigmentmatching the coat colour.
Partis. They are 50% white with patches of any of the above colours. The nose pigment reflects the solid colour.


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