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Amity = noun: friendship; peaceful harmony, mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship.

We have owned an Australian Labradoodle for 7 years and during this time our friendship grew with the breeder of our girl Rusty Coco Chanel.

Her encouragement, guidance and mentoring sees us beginning our own journey with this amazing breed.
All our puppies are raised in our home receiving lots of hands on care and attention to ensure that you receive a pup that is ready to join your family and explore the big wide world with you.

Because we are a small family business we are able to give our puppies lots of interactive attention throughout the first 8 weeks of their life. This is a very important beginning to their journey.

We are supported and mentored by the Australian Labradoodle Association (ALA) who are very generous with their knowledge and wisdom. As a member of the ALA we are bound by their code of practice ensuring that we breed responsibly and ethically with the welfare and care of our dogs as the priority.

Why Choose an Australian Labradoodle Association Breeder

  • I have joined an accredited association.
  • I have signed the ALA & lsquo;s Code Of Ethics.
  • All litters are recorded with the ALA.
  • All breeding dogs are health and DNA tested @ 12 months to be eligible for breeding.
  • All puppies not in our breeding program will be desexed and microchipped before they leave us.
  • You will receive a health guarantee with the purchase of your puppy.
  • You are able to access the ALA with any concerns or questions you have about us and our program
  • Testimonials:

    We got our beautiful girl Labradoodle from Roz & Jenny (Rusty Amber Labradoodles). On first meeting Maddie at 6 weeks we were smitten & couldn’t wait bring her home.
    Roz was very knowledgeable and it was very apparent our puppy had the best start to life having had so many experiences early on, making the transition home easier. Roz has a lovely calm presence and it was a pleasure meeting her when we took the leap to get a new addition to our family.
    I’d certainly recommend her to friends and family! And I’d return again in a heartbeat if I could convince my husband to get another
    😊 Rachel Lauer

    If you would like addtional information or to go on the waiting list, please contact Roz by clicking on the "Contact Us" button