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Daisy Litter

Daisy’s puppies were born on the 29th of June 2022 and ready to come home at the end August 2022 THE WAITLIST IS NOW CLOSED

Actual colours may vary. This is due to computer monitors displaying colours differently and everyone can see these colours differently and the use of different cameras.

Puppy Number: 1

Name: Amitys Winston Street  Collar Colour: Blue. Sex: Male  Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: Gold.

Puppy Number: 2

Name: Amitys Bella Rosay. Collar Colour: Pink Sex: Female. Coat Type: Fleece Colour: Gold

Puppy Number: 3

Name: Amitys Binnalee Bubbles. Collar Colour: Aqua. Sex: Female Coat Type: Fleece  Colour: Chocolate,

Puppy Number: 4

Name: Amitys Bollinger Sparkle.  Collar Colour: White. Sex: Female. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: Gold

Puppy Number: 5

Name: Amitys Whiskey Romeo Tango.  Collar Colour: Red. Sex: Male Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: Gold

Puppy Number: 6

Name: Amitys Woodstock Boss. Collar Colour: Gold. Sex: Male Coat Type: Fleece Colour: Gold