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Harley is a cute boy, born on the 4th of Feb 2020. Reg number 0174-001-05. His mum is Rustys Kit Kat 0174-001-05 and Dad is Jajaca Timmy 0115-119-05.

Harley is graded an AL and has a lovely cream coat. 

A note from Ron, Harley’s owner.3

Harley’s Bio

I have an Amity Labradoodle Guardian called Harley, he arrived in my life just after he was born, Harley is now 16 months old.
Harley came to live with me at 2 months of age at the end of April 2020 at the beginning of Covid. So, like the rest of the country, we were in isolation.
The bond we have is so Lovley ?, Harley was created during the night for the first 9 months in my bedroom, and we played all day.
Harley loves a cuddle; he now sleeps in my bedroom on a footon bed, each morning as soon as my feet hit the floor, he is in my lap both arms around my side and his head tucked under my arm, tail wagging like crazy, that can go on for about 5 minutes or so, such a wonderful way to start the day. Part of Harley’s routine now is that whenever I sit down, he is up on my lap for a cuddle. I just love him, and I tell him so many times a day. Yes, I talk to him lots and he cocks his head from side to side as if he understands.
Harley has a chicken neck between 2 and 3 pm every day, when it is time for his chicken neck he comes up to me and looks at me, if I am sitting, he rests his head on my lap and nudges me when I say what do you want, what time is it or is it time for your neck he runs to the freezer on my back veranda and sits there or jumps around in circles shaking his head from side to side, so excited. Harley also loves a carrot and yogurt which he has every day.
Another part of Harley’s daily routine is playing with his Ikea tunnel, he just loves it, he runs through it, over it, throws it in the air, jumps on it and over it and drags it up and down my back yard, it is the greatest exercise toy I could have for him.
Harley is not destructive just loves chewing on the chew toys I have for him. He loves chasing balls around my back yard, helping me with my garden and is always by my side when I am doing anything around my house, my companion.
Harley loves visitors and visits our local dog park where he plays with everyone both animal and human. Harley is great with children, I look after my Granddaughter each week, she is nearly 4, so she was going on 3 when she first met him, Harleys lets her pat him, sit on him, chases the ball that she throws for him, chases her when she is on her bike, when my granddaughter and I are sitting he cuddles up to us just to be near us, he just loves her.
We walk most days for an hour at least, when another dog approaches, I ask Harley to stay, and he will sit until that dog shows their intention to be friendly or just keep on walking past us.
Harley is in my eyes is the most loving caring pup and I love and adore him so much.
Pet NameHarley
ALA NameAmtiy Harley Davison
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