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Gucci at 8 Weeks
Amitys Oxford Circus (Gucci)
0174-007-09 Amitys Oxford Circus Photo

Gucci was born at Amity on the 08th of May 2021. A young man has fathered one litter already with Amitys Aubrey.

A bio from is Guardian:

Gucci joined our family on 3rd July 2021 as an 8 weeks old puppy and has since become an inseparable part of our household.

He is the most gentle, well behaved and clever boy.. awesome with our girls. His temperament is so calm and never shows any aggression. We crate trained him from the very beginning and he has learnt to be on his own for long periods during the day without any separation anxiety issues. He impresses us every day with his intelligence, I reckon if we spent time we could train him to do almost anything. He has learnt basic house rules very quickly like staying off furniture and some rooms, he may not like certain things but accepts them nevertheless – although those cute eyes can be hard to ignore so we are often guilty of bending the rules for him!

Day to day these dogs are very little work. Gucci loves his walks and visits the groomer at least once every month to maintain his good looks. With a good diet control and basic training we think labradoodles can be the best addition to anyone’s family. We are so lucky to have him and sincerely believe his puppies are going to get the best genes!!


Pet NameGucci
ALA NameAmitys Oxford Circus
BreederAmity Labradoodles
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ALA Number0174-007-09
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