007 Maggie & Bosco – Amity Labradoodles

Nicnak Redford (Bosco) and Sands Leisel (Maggie)

Due on 05/07/2021

Nicnak Redford. (Bosco)
  Australian Labradoodle Stud Boy

Sands Leisel  (Maggie)

Australian Labradoodle Stud Girl

  • Name: Nicnak Redford
  • ALA Rego# 0117-060-01
  • Generation: AL
  • DOB 06-05-2016
  • Colour: Gold 
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Size: Medium
      • Name: Sansd Leisel
      • ALA Rego# 0148-016-12
      • Generation: ALF3
      • DOB 06-05-2017 
      • Colour: Abstract
      • Coat: Fleece
      • Size:Medium

  • Dam: Nicnak Dixie
    ALA Number:
    Colour:  Cream  Coat: Fleece Size: Medium

Dam: Thornton Amarone 
ALA Number: 0148-000-01

Colour: Cream Coat: Fleece Size: Standard


  • Sire: Rustys Touch Of Magic
    ALA Number: 0021-071-08
    Colour: Caramel Coat: Fleece Size: Medium

  • Sire: Nicnak Tiger Woods
    ALA Number: 0117-047-02
    Chocolate Coat: Fleece Size: Medium

Maggie’s Bio

Our daughter was keen to describe Maggie (Leisel):
We have had the pleasure of taking care of and getting to know our beautiful Maggie, and we can tell you that it has been the most amazing last couple of years of our lives. Maggie is the best behaved dog we could have ever asked for, and we are so grateful to have been able to love and adore her. I remember the first day when we came across her and instantly fell in love. Maggie has the best personality, whether it’s playtime or just cuddles, and always wants to hang out with her family. She loves her morning walks but, even more, loves to go to the beach. If her puppies are anything like Maggie, their owners will be very lucky.
Bosco’s Bio
Bosco as a puppy!
Since we brought him home nearly 5 years ago to be a part of our family Bosco has always been a loving dog that is happiest to be by your side when he can. He’s been an amazing fur brother to our other dog Hank and our late cat Huey and then when his two human brothers came along he couldn’t have been happier!
He’s the most friendly dog that wants to be everyone one and every other dogs best buddy.
You will love having one of his puppies! If I could I’d bring them all home with me 😃