016 Tessa 3 Litter photos – Amity Labradoodles

Tessa's Litter

Puppies born on 31/12/2021. The wait list is now open.

Actual colours may vary. This is due to computer monitors displaying colours differently and everyone can see these colours differently and the use of different cameras.

Puppy Number: 1

Name: Amitys Raging Rueben Collar Colour: Gold. Sex: Male. Coat Type: Fleece Colour: XXX

Puppy Number: 2

Name: Amitys Fun Town Flossy   Collar Colour: Lime. Sex: Female. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: XXXX

Puppy Number: 3

Name:  Amitys Majestic Monte. Collar Colour: Blue. Sex: Male. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: XXXXXX

Puppy Number: 4

Name: Amitys Millionaire Max Collar Colour: Red. Sex: Male. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: XXXX

Puppy Number: 5

Name: Amitys Laze Around Leeroy  Collar Colour: White. Sex: Male. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: XXXX

Puppy Number: 6

Name: Amitys Richman Randall   Collar Colour: Black. Sex: Male. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: XXXXXX

Puppy Number: 7

Name: Amitys Cheeky Charlie. Collar Colour: Aqua. Sex: Male. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: XXXX

Puppy Number: 8

Name: Amitys Brave Boy Bentley.  Collar Colour: Orange. Sex: Male. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: XXXX

Puppy Number: 9

Name: Amitys My Man Milo.  Collar Colour: Pink. Sex: Male. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: XXXXXX