Amitys Angel (Aubrey) – Amity Labradoodles
Amitys Angel
Status: Active
Pet Name: Aubrey
Size: Medium
Weight: 10.6kg
Colour: Chocolate
PennHip: R .39 L .41
AVA: 2+5=7
Elbows: 0 + 0
DNA: Clear
Gender: Female
DOB: 01/09/2020
Generation: ALF3
Coat: Fleece
BBbb (sample)
ALA#: 0174-002-08
Owner: Amity Labradoodles
Bio and Notes: My beautiful girl Aubrey “Orbz” “Orby Girl” “Chocolate Drops” is the most adorable furbaby there is. She is now 18 months old and is pregnant with her first litter. She came to us at 8 weeks old and is the puppy of my sister’s girl Amity Millie. (Also an Amity Labradoodle Guardian Girl). This is our first labradoodle and I honestly feel it’s the best breed for families. She is the perfect combination of everything beautiful about owning dogs. She has the mischievousness of a labrador and the intelligence of a poodle, gives everything a go once, but hates to upset us and learns quickly how to keep in the good books. not your typical labrador eater, she is particular about her food and even more weird about when she eats, preferring to wait until everyone is in bed and lights out before eating her nightly meal. She loves human food, crisps but not chips, and you can keep your vegetables… When I get home from the grocery store she runs to see what’s in the bags, goes straight past the hot chicken looking for anything fluffy or crinkly…. she is a toy bandit. Has many toys, and pink pigs are the absolute favourites. i I don’t know how she can tell but her behaviour completely changes when meeting very young children or sick animals. very gently anyway, she becomes quiet and careful. She once caught a peewee in her mouth. It had flown inside accidentally. she gently bought it to hubby and let him take it from her mouth. Said peewee is still in residence in the backyard. Orby just loves coming with us anywhere. In the car, head out the window, or in the golf buggy. We take her to cafe’s and she sits beside us even when other dogs are around. Reading this back, it reads as if I have the perfect pet. Doooo. She is the apple of our eye, can’t wait to get home to her when I’m out, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have the little Princess in my life.


Sands Skeeter

ALA#: 0148-005-09
Generation: ALF2
DOB: 03/06/2015
Colour: Chocolate
Size: Medium
PenHip: 2+3=5
Chip: 953010000412562
Sample (BBbb)


Rustys Candy Kisses

ALA#: 0021-099-01
Generation: ALF3
DOB: 15/03/2017
Colour: Caramel
Size: Medium
PenHip: R .37 L .38
Chip: 941000019972662
Sample (BBbb)