Amitys Azalea (Evie) – Amity Labradoodles
Amitys Azalea
Status: Active
Pet Name: Evie
Size: Medium
Weight: 18.2kg
Colour: Gold / Apricot
PennHip: R .33 L .31
AVA: 5+5=10
Elbows: 0 + 0
DNA: Clear
Gender: Female
DOB: 06/10/2021
Generation: AL
Coat: Fleece
BBbb (sample)
ALA#: 0174-011-09
Owner: Amity Labradoodles
Bio and Notes: Evie, the vivacious 2-year-old red Labradoodle, she’s a bundle of joy and energy with unwavering loyalty. Her days are filled with playful antics, exploring the world alongside her best friend Indie, another red Labradoodle. Evie loves the beach, parks, bike rides and loves to end her days with a snuggle on the couch. She’s impartial to a good rom com or an animal documentary, bit of a TV buff this one. She’s got amazing focus and concentration making training a breeze, especially her love for a treat or two. Evie has a very endearing personality and playful energy that brings warmth and smiles to those around her. She’s a very loved and cherished member of our family (even if some socks have gone missing).


Nicnak Redford

ALA#: 0117-060-01
Generation: AL
DOB: 06/05/2016
Colour: Gold / Apricot
Size: Medium
PenHip: 2+6=8
Chip: 900079000033056
Sample (BBbb)


Nicnak Piliga Princess

ALA#: 0117-090-01
Generation: AL
DOB: 13/10/2018
Colour: Gold / Apricot
Size: Medium
PenHip: R .42 L .42
Chip: 900079000546789
Sample (BBbb)