Amitys Sedona (Honey) – Amity Labradoodles
Amitys Sedona
Status: Active
Pet Name: Honey
Size: Medium
Weight: 14kg
Colour: Cream
PennHip: R .55 L .40
AVA: 1+4=5
Elbows: 0+0
DNA: Clear
Gender: Female
DOB: 26/10/2021
Generation: ALF3
Coat: Fleece
BBbb (sample)
ALA#: 0174-014-05
Owner: AmNic
Bio and Notes: Some kind words from her guardian mum. Other owners have commented on the remarkable nature of these dogs and Honey is no exception. She is a loving, crazy, laid-back dog who understands the world around her. She learns easily and was crate-trained and toilet-trained by 10 weeks. She knows the difference between my bed and my partner’s because she’s not allowed on my bed! Except when I was ill. Then she knew I was not right and she stayed by my side constantly. When we had house sitters who had a 13 year old dog, she was wildly enthusiastic to have visitors. But the moment their dog came in she calmed immediately, seeming to know he needed her to be gentle around him. From our back garden, we have kangaroos grazing and she will sit quietly for ages just watching them. She has a mind of her own and is not much of a toy person except for her favourite balls (one for inside, one for outside) and her sleeping toys which she has had since she was 8 weeks old. I can only imagine her puppies will bring a lot of joy to everyone who has them.


Amitys Harley Davison

ALA#: 0174-001-05
Generation: AL
DOB: 04/02/2020
Colour: Cream
Size: Miniature
PenHip: R .55 L .51
Chip: 956000012195357
Sample (BBbb)


Rustys Candy Kisses

ALA#: 0021-099-01
Generation: ALF2
DOB: 15/03/2017
Colour: Caramel
Size: Medium
PenHip: R .37 L .38
Chip: 941000019972662
Sample (BBbb)