Amitys Turkish Delight (Dash) – Amity Labradoodles
Amitys Turkish Delight
Status: Active
Pet Name: Dash
Size: Miniature
Weight: 11.3kg
Colour: Chocolate
PennHip: R .42 L .40
AVA: 2+3=5
Elbows: 0+0
DNA: Clear
Gender: Male
DOB: 25/10/2021
Generation: ALF3
Coat: Fleece
BBbb (sample)
ALA#: 0174-013-06
Owner: AmNic
Bio and Notes: My Australian Labradoodle is a bundle of joy and energy, always eager to greet you and make new friends. His intelligence and ease of training make him a delightful companion, quickly learning new tricks and commands. Despite his lively nature, he has a wonderful balance, often enjoying long naps and peaceful moments of rest. His loving personality and adaptability make him the perfect pet, bringing both excitement and calm into our home.


Nicnak Mr Darcy

ALA#: 0117-057-01
Generation: ALF2
DOB: 15/02/2016
Colour: Caramel
Size: Miniature
PenHip: R .54 L .45
Chip: 900032002903514
Sample (BBbb)


Rustys Kit Kat

ALA#: 0021-104-02
Generation: ALF3
DOB: 25/10/2021
Colour: Chocolate
Size: Minature
PenHip: R .42 L .40
Chip: 956000014845826
Sample (BBbb)