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Jajaca Chewy (Lenny) and Nicnak Daisy Mae

Were born on the 29th of June 2022. Wait List is NOW Closed

Jajaca Chewy (Lenny)

Australian Labradoodle Stud Boy

Nicnaks Daisy Mae

Australian Labradoodle Stud Girl

  • Name: Jajaca Chewy
  • ALA Rego#0115-143-09
  • Generation: ALF3
  • DOB 11-12-2018
  • Colour: Chocolate 
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Size: Medium
      • Name: Nicnaks Daisy Mae
      • ALA Rego# 0117-096-01
      • Generation: AL
      • DOB 27-06-2019
      • Colour: Caramel
      • Coat: Fleece
      • Size: Medium
  • Dam: Jajaca Foxy
    ALA Number:0115-103-10
    Colour:  Cream Coat: Fleece Size: Medium

      • Dam: Nicnak Xanthe
        ALA Number:0117-050-01
  •  Colour: Gold Coat: Fleece Size: Medium

  • Sire: Jajaca Optimus Prime
    ALA Number: 0115-143-09
    Colour: Chocolate Coat: Fleece Size: Medium

  • Sire: Nicnak Blarney
    ALA Number:0117-058-01
    Colour: Caramel Coat: Fleece Size: Medium

Daisy’s Bio

Daisy Mae is 2 on the 27th June 2021. She came to us in August 2019 when we were asked by Nicnak Labradoodles to be her Guardian. Daisy is the most gentle, pretty, brown-eyed little lady, with incredibly long eyelashes. She has always been very calm, doesn’t bark much & loves everyone….. She is very playful and exhibits lots of “Labrador” traits, loves her food, is very intelligent, but a little stubborn as well. She has a big sister, a miniature labradoodle also from Nicnak, and she just loves having other dogs around. She is an absolute angel but so funny & sometimes loopy. Her nickname is Oompa Loompa….. She will be a perfect Mumma. She is so so incredibly calm and loving….
Belinda xx