Maggie Arrives at Amity - Amity Labradoodles | Gold Coast

Maggie Arrives at Amity

Maggie in the van about to come to Amity Labradoodles

Maggie (Amitys Clan Wallace) has just arrived ay Amity Labradoodles to have her first litter. She and Harley (Amitys Harley Davison) had a honeymoon on the 25th of April 2024 and two months later, she is at Amity Labradoodles on the Gold Coast looking very pregnant.

Harley and Maggie together
Harley and Maggie.

For details on Maggie Click Here. For details on Harley Click Here

Nielsen’s Native Nursery

We drove up to our favourite meeting place for collecting dogs that are coming to stay at Amity. Nielsen’s Native Nursery (more info to them here)


Maggie was very good in the van on the way home, she settled very quickly once she arrived at Amity Labradoodles then had a little nap

Maggie upside down
Maggie in bed

Having a little nap seems to be a theme for Maggie. Not that we encourage it, but she snuck in to the bedroom next to the whelping room for another nap and some TV.

More updates to come. Keep tuned in