020 Ruby 2 Litter photos - Amity Labradoodles | Gold Coast

Rubys 2nd Litter

Puppies were born on the 9th of March. The wait list is now closed

Puppy Number: 1

Name: Amitys Delirious Diamond  Collar Colour:Pink. Sex:Female. Coat Type:FleeceColour:Gold.

Puppy Number: 2

Name: Amitys Precious Pearl  Collar Colour: Gold. Sex: Female. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: Gold

Puppy Number: 3

Name: Amitys Angelic Amethyst Collar Colour: Red. Sex: Female. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: Black

Puppy Number: 4

Name: Amitys Sparkling Sapphire. Collar Colour: Black. Sex: Female. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: Gold.

Puppy Number: 5

Name: Amitys Groovy Guy Garnet.  Collar Colour: Blue. Sex: Male. Coat Type: Fleece. Colour: Black.