021 Skyla 2 and Archie Litter photos - Amity Labradoodles | Gold Coast

Nicnak Layla (Skyla) Litter

Puppies born on the 22nd of May 2022

Puppy Number: 1

Name: Amitys Andy Brooks,
Collar Colour: Red.  Sex: Male. Coat Type: Fleece.  Colour: Chocolate

Puppy Number: 2

Name:  Amitys Bailey Brooks,  Collar Colour:  Blue, Sex: Male. Coat Type: Fleece.  Colour: Phantom

Puppy Number: 3

Name: Amitys Kai Brooks,  Collar Colour: Green,  Sex: Male. Coat Type: Fleece.   Colour: Chocolate

Puppy Number: 4

Name: Amitys Jack Brooks,  Collar Colour: Orange,  Sex: Male, Coat Type: Fleece.  Colour: Cream

Puppy Number: 5

Name: Amitys Jade Brooks,  Collar Colour: Pink. Sex: Female. Coat Type: Fleece.  Colour: Chocolate

Puppy Number: 6

Name: Amitys Billy Brooks, Collar Colour: Black, Sex: Male,  Coat Type: Fleece.Colour: Cream.

Puppy Number: 7

Name: Amitys Lily Brooks, Collar Colour: White. Sex: Female. Coat Type: Fleece, Colour: Cream