021 Skyla 2 & Archie - Amity Labradoodles | Gold Coast

Amitys Archie and Nicnak Layla (Skyla)

Born on the 22nd of May 2022 her puppies will be ready to go home around the middle of July 2022.

All puppies are now sold. Thank you


Amitys Archie.
  Australian Labradoodle Stud Boy

Nicnak Layal (Skyla)

Australian Labradoodle Stud Girl

  • Name: Amitys Archie
  • ALA Rego# 0174-002-03
  • Generation: ALF3
  • DOB 01-09-2020
  • Colour: Chocolate 
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Size: Medium
      • Name: Nicnak Layla
      • ALA Rego# 0117-087-01
      • Generation: ALF2
      • DOB 11-09-2018
      • Colour: Chalk
      • Coat: Fleece
      • Size: Miniature

Dam: Rustys Candy Kisses
ALA Number:
Colour:  Caramel Coat: Fleece Size: Medium

Dam: Nicnak Zaniyah 
ALA Number: 0117-062-01

Colour: Caramel  Coat: Fleece Size: Medium


  • Sire: Sands Skeeter
    ALA Number:0148-005-09
    Colour: Chocolate Coat: Fleece Size: Medium

  • Sire: Rustys Sprocket
    ALA Number: 0021-089-06
    Cream Coat: Fleece Size: Medium