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Maggie’s Puppies Born at 7:00am

Maggies puppies, born this morning at Amity LAbradodoels on the Gold Coast

Maggie’s puppies came in to the world a couple of days earlier than expected.

Early this morning Maggie when in to labor and at 07:00 am she produced her first puppy to the world. She had a total of 5 Labradoodle puppies, Two males and three females. They are all great weights and are drinking well from mum. the girls are called, Amitys Miss Matilda May, Amitys Miss Melody, Amitys Miss Maisie and the boys names are, Amitys Mr Mac Millar and Amitys Mr Marley Morgan.

If you are interested in owning one of these gorgeous Amity Labradoodle puppies just click on the button below and we can send you some additional information or arrange to have a phone chat at a time that suits you.

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